Traditional Skill vs Digital Art Exploration Paper

Classic art VS Digital fine art

Fri, May 15, 2009


Since we live in a century dominated by technology innovation, artwork itself has become offered new creative course. But these new advantages have never been regarded as so beneficial for the artwork by several conservative artwork lovers, whom believe that in case the art can be not constructed with traditional equipment (pen, essential oils, watercolor, etc . ) that art may not be considered authentic art (true in the that means of spotting it's actual values).

Set up painting, the style or the draw is created using traditional equipment, just a pad and paper, or a sketching tablet, both reflect just as the artist's creative work and skill. 
What is actually offending currently, due to this technology, is that various people imagine to have " become artists” just because they can easily combine some Photoshop brushes. The key question that stands is: how much of this person's skill is reflected in that producing piece of art? That depends quite definitely on the person behind the technology. In case the person who would like to create ARTWORK using the laptop is an ARTIST, the resulting bit of digital stuff is FINE ART, without the designer, drawing and manipulating courses can't start a thing. 
Sometimes it' very difficult to discern between your real designers and the ones who are just playing with the tools provided by digital programs. There are also a lot of artists, whom pretend their particular art is completely innovative, subjective or surpasses the limits of imagination by simply disposing mixtures of abstract elements and ultimately call it SKILL. The limits of deciding are actually fragile, because everything that is considered to be ART is determined to be valuable, innovative or absolutely useless, by very subjective points of watch, and a design that is certainly considered to be total crap for just one might appear absolutely amazing in some others' opinion. Gowns true relating to all kinds of tastes.

To this, many performers are still mounted on those very sensitive feelings that traditional art gives, that intimacy...