Essay within the Western Concept of Success

Brooke Portelance

Mr. Rivers


June 12, 2012

The Traditional western Idea of Success

The American Dream, or maybe the Western concept of Success, can simply be achieved " through project and hard work” (Tyson 57). Even though this is the only way anybody can become successful, taking charge and working hard means something different to everybody. For some it could mean under-going a few years of university only to make a pile of cash, but for other folks it may indicate being dedicated towards the issues they take pleasure in. The heroes in the book, The beautiful Bones, almost all portray the American Wish in a diverse manner, particularly when it comes to the murder circumstance of a seventeen year old girl named Susie Salmon. Over the novel you is shown the have difficulty that the Salmons encounter looking to get through the murder of Susie, and how various other members of society offer as well. Three characters which have been examined the most throughout the publication are Susie's father Plug, Susie's killer George as well as the detective for the case Len Fenerman. The characters available, The Lovely Bone tissues, demonstrate which the western concept of success is misleading. Jack port Salmon, Susie's father, was determined to obtain the person who killed his girl. Jack was a man of middle course, who performed hard to get everything he previously and cared about his family more than anything in the world. Although Plug may not make tons of money, his life even now revolved throughout the American Wish which said to get the things he desired he had to work hard and take effort. Jack demonstrates this frequently when his oldest girl is killed and he takes impose of finding the murderer. After first reading the news this individual begins going " door to door” (Sebold 55) looking for his daughter. This individual believes that by searching he will find some kind of trace that will business lead him to discovering the murderer. Following not obtaining anything he starts looking for clues almost everywhere else. Eventually Jack decides to go over to his neighbour's house whose name is definitely George Harvey....

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