Essay around the Brain Expansion and Physical violence

The mind Development and Violence

Juanita S Character

DeVry University


Professor: Jeannine Quear

What causes a person to be violent? Is a person delivered to be a killer or carry out social demands cause a person to lash out? They are questions that scientists have been completely searching for answers to for decades. Though there are plenty of theories about biological affects, there is no set rule that applies to everybody that clarifies what makes a person switch violent. You will discover three incidents that scientist have decide that can affect the brain. I will try to display how these types of factors can have an impact on the head and might lead to violent patterns, they are: head injuries, weakness, and experience of chemicals or poison by a young era. What do serial killers, Leonard Lake, David Berkowitz, Kenneth Bianchi, David Wayne Gacy, and Carl Panzram, every have in common? They each suffered the child years head stress, in fact 70% of serial killers received extensive mind injuries since children or perhaps adolescents (Freeman, 1998). Scientists believe that head damage to the frontal lobe causes lack of self-control, planning, judgment, and make this impossible to build up stable and social relationships. There has already been debate that serial killers are lacking in the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system controls human's emotions and motivation. A lot of scientists have suggested that if the limbic system is missing, it could trigger uncontrollable anger and out and out aggression. Damage to the limbic head, hypothalamus or temporal lobe may cause times of spontaneous aggression. These kinds of areas are participating with human hormones, aggression, feeling and motivation; injuries to them can also result in seizures and types of amnesia. When the prefrontal cortex is damaged in a Disturbing brain damage a person's ability to control aggression is often reduced or removed completely. When a child endures a extreme TBI they could never develop an ability to understand and...

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