Sunfeast Yippee Essay


Wellness was chosen as the woking platform, along with asupporting assert for taste. People who had been healthyand energetic were concerned with the long-termprospects of their overall health. Thus Health 

relates to maintenance of health

applies to all family members

is definitely characterized by lively energetic persons, andgrowing kid's. 

Therefore the communication and (positioning):

its hot and moist.


Main media: Tv set ad 30 seconds. Print advertising, shop adsProject at educational institutions, and 2tier cities. Merely noticeable big difference. Supermarket and big bazar.

Way of measuring

Within just 6 months, SunfeastYippee became thelargest growing noodles in Fmcgsector. 

Expanded the category and expanded the ITC Fmcgsegment from 2 . 71% to 23% in 6 months. 

Now the largest selling ITC Fmcgbrand retains 6% of branded noodle market. 

Greatest achievement in one month Yippeepenetrated 50% of noodle market.

Sunfeast Yippee Noodles

Parent Company| ITC

Category| Food Products

Sector| Food Products

Tagline/ Slogan| The better noodles; Spread the smile

USP| Instant noodles with different preferences


Segment| People looking for a healthy snack food when starving

Target Group| Young people and children via upper and middle class| Positioning| Sunfeast Yippee noodles do not lump even thirty minutes after cooking| SWOT Analysis

Strength| 1 . Good advertising and visibility2. Good product division and availability3. Lots of flavours and types available| Weakness| 1 . Mass media generated reports about health issues2. Company loyalty of Maggi is tremendous| Opportunity| 1 . Untapped rural markets2. DINKS, single professionals3. More recent tastes| Threats| 1 . Value wars with other noodle brands


Competitors| 1 . Maggi


A child is standing in one corner of the space holding his ears (as a form of punishment). | His mother gets ready to prepare...