Sample Research Essay


A. Background of the Study

W. Objective of the Study

C. Statement from the Problem

The main purpose of the analysis is to identify the factors that impact the academic functionality of breastfeeding students having an International Filipino Staff member (OFW) parent/s of Traditional western Mindanao State University.

Especially, the experts would like to seek out answers for the following questions:

1 . Precisely what is the soci-demographic characteristics with the following: a. Student-respondent

n. Employed Father and mother (OFW)

c. Left-Behind Father or mother

d. Different Support Program

2 . Exactly what the elements that in influence the educational performance of senior medical students with an OFW parent/s in terms of the following adjustable: a. Parental Involvement

n. Home Environment

c. Institution Motivation

m. Personal Adjusting

3. Perform senior medical students, irrespective of having parent/s abroad, excel in class?

G. Statement of Hypothesis

There is absolutely no significant romantic relationship between the Parental Involvement, House Environment, College Motivation and private Adjustment as well as the Academic Efficiency of the College student. E. Value of the Study

The research examine aims to

F. Range and Delimitation

This examine is focused around the determination in the factors that influences the academic performance of nursing learners with a great OFW father or mother in the European Mindanao Express University. College students with an OFW parent/s in the College or university of Medical, Western Mindanao State University were the primary respondents with the study.


The study was conducted at the College of Nursing, Western Mindanao Point out University. Traditional western Mindanao Condition University is the leading and only state university in Zamboanga Town. It is said to get one of the most ancient university in Zamboanga Town. This area is situated at the Traditional western coast of Zamboanga Metropolis. It is about two (2) kilometers from the city right. Study Style

This study used Descriptive-Correlation Method which will allowed the researchers to correlate the independent...