Roles of Databases, MS Access Understanding, and Requirements Gathering: Quiz Essay

Week one particular: Roles of Databases, MS Access Understanding, and Requirements Gathering -- Quiz 1 .  (TCO 1) A multitier architecture ensures that computing duties are divided among different __________. (Points: 4)|        programmers

levels of supervision


processes* pg F-4

2 .  (TCO 1) By definition, a three-tier structures includes clientele, ___________, and a data server. (Points: 4)|        Web web browsers

an application server* pg F-11

an email machine

a serwery proxy server

several.  (TCO 2) A single part of data, for example a supplier's phone number or an employee's last-name, is referred to as (Points: 4)|        a record.

a field. *

an entity.

a row.

5.  (TCO 2) A field or set of domains used to exclusively identify a record in a stand is (Points: 4)|        an entity.

a row.

an initial key. *

a tag.

5.  (TCO 2) An amount of related info items that will be specific for an instance of the entity, such as all the info about a specific employee, is definitely (Points: 4)|        a table. *

a database.

a column.

a list.

6.  (TCO 2) Which of the subsequent is one of the half a dozen types of objects within an Access databases? (Points: 4)|        files




7.  (TCO 1) In Access, the purpose of a filter is to (Points: 4)|        display a subset of information based on particular criteria*. Pg 85        create a duplicate backup of the repository.

reduce the size of the data source.

list documents in a particular sequence.

almost eight.  (TCO 1) The purpose of a kind in Gain access to is to (Points: 4)|        display only documents that match the selected conditions. *        list records within a specific sequence.

create a romance between two tables.

prevent entering wrong data.

9.  (TCO 1) You should use Gain access to rather than Surpass to manage your data when you (Points: 4)|...