Rainmaker Essay

The Rainmaker

Dennis Kucinich once said, " Everyone needs to have health insurance? My answer is everyone should have health care. Now i'm not advertising insurance. ” I believe every individual should have health care insurance, where they may be wealthy, or in lower income level. After watching film production company " Rainmaker”, I noticed how health care insurance could conserve a life. As for a great insurance company just like the Great Advantage, they must haven�t had a family member who necessary health coverage thus desperately to try and save themselves from fatality. The Great Advantage was really like a fraudulence company. They will collect cash from individuals and family members who have applied and make use of the money upon useless issues, rather than looking to save a life. They will pay personnel a large amount of money to step down and keep shut about how they will insurance company performs. Out of around 11, 1000 applicants, a lot more than 9, 000 were denied coverage, stopping Donnie Beam from acquiring a life-saving bone tissue marrow hair transplant. In section U of the Great Benefit's policy, that they stated that they can offer bone marrow transplants as it is among their focus. With this kind of, I discovered never to be involved in an insurance provider that does fraudulent activities. I discovered to always be consider my job seriously because if one mistake is made, I will pay a price that is certainly more than simply how much I obtained with the mistakes I built. I discovered to statement any incorrect actions which i witness, whether or not I i am an employee of the same company. Never write bogus statements, albhabets, or move signatures. Under no circumstances take private paper function home since there can be significant consequences. Nevertheless especially, by no means collect the patient or applicant's money especially when that is every they have to conserve themselves or their loved ones. The " Rainmaker” taught me that since an insurance company collected cash from candidates without offering what they paid for, the company manages to lose and eventually needs to pay back the actual collected, then an additional thousand, or even vast amounts. Donny...