Population Turmoil in Bangladesh Essay

Population crisis in Bangladesh

1 ) Bangladesh is known as a densely filled country

(a) Este educated difficulty

1 . Poverty

2 . Lack of consciousness

3. Economical problem

(b) Clemet state

1 . Girl obtain early beginning ability

2 . Farming bias

several. Most of the people happen to be live in villager

(c) Decline in death rate

1 ) Improvement of treatment

2 . Daily discover fresh treatment

3. People are careful of health

2 whey Population problems is more effective inside our country then simply developed region (a) Relatives planning

1 . lack of family preparing

2 . an evening meal station

a few. Not right Knowles regarding Family planning

(b) Starvation

1 . Most people live blew

2 . People of died certainly not perfect

3. Growth is very high

(c) love-making education

1 . guard the beginning

2 . lack of Knowles about sexual intercourse education

3 increasing populace create different kind of issue

(a) price of product

1 . development is l'ensemble des then growing people

2 . area is repair

three or more. lack of technology in gardening

(b) traffic jellies

1 . above population

2 . raising voiceless

a few. road started to be very narrow

4. Period spend very much

(c) education

1 ) uneducated problem

installment payments on your qualified education are decries

3. tipp of retain the services of education decries

5. lack of university college university or college

(d) wellness

1 ) lack of hospital

2 . lack of treatments

3. lack of doctor

Federal government of Bangladesh some procedure for reduce of population problems (a) maximize of cosines of inhabitants

1 . birth control

2 . build education

3. boost education instituted

(b) effete of mass media

1 . news paper

2 . television

3. radio

4. evaluating

(c) elevating population security material should certainly bee familiars of the public 1 . elevating health hub

installment payments on your increasing health worker

3. Well being worker should be active

4. Right training...