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A Case Analyze:

Oracle Systems Corporation


In 1977, Lawrence M. Ellison founded System Advancement Laboratories to sell a database management system he previously developed in a CIA project. It was only in 1982 that the company was renamed to Oracle Systems Corporation, to reflect the achievements of their 1st product, Oracle Database. Oracle used the C programming language to produce its products, that was a big element of its success since this allowed Oracle software to operate on different platforms and ultimately became the industry normal.

Oracle attained highly remarkable growth through its early years, almost always duplicity their earnings per monetary year via 1980 to 1990 (see Exhibit 1). They also manufactured their shareholders very happy with a peak talk about price of $28. 375 in 1990 from a problem price of $2. 00 upon all their initial community offering.

Nevertheless , things weren't as rosy as they looked. In 1990, Oracle's income had zero growth. It was due to $15 million really worth of sales being banned by auditors. In the initially quarter, they also disclosed all their first net loss of $36 million. They will laid off about 400 with their US staff. These incidents, combined with the information that Oracle officers acquired already sold their shares for a profit, angered shareholders and prompted their stock cost to plummet by $8. 125.

Since seen in the statement of challenges and objectives, Oracle is going through internal financial problems. From an evaluation of the case, these problems were brought about by the change of corporate strategy. First, Oracle decided to alter its reimbursement plans to 1 that is based on revenue objectives. This action manufactured Oracle's sales people perform dishonest practices in order to generate product sales growth because of the pressure in the new reimbursement plans. Second, Oracle terminated out product sales territories. This made the satisfaction of both clients and salespeople go down. Finally, management held pressuring the Oracle crew to be the number 1 in the market. This kind of pressure lead to rushed production of products, which are found to acquire glitches.

Red flags/Proof of inside financial problems:

1 . In the analysis of Oracle's economic ratios via 1985-1990, the inventory turnover improved for a rapid sum (From 69. 97 to eighteen. 90). From ‘85-'90, inventory turnover superior by 73%. The average inventory turnover of Oracle's competitors according to the data given is 73. 13.

installment payments on your Oracle's embrace wealth can be attributed to the increase in control receivables in 1990. The total amount sheet given indicates that Oracle's receivables amounted to 82% of its current assets. Current assets had been at 72% of total assets. The receivables market average in 1990 was 31. 8% of total assets. This kind of proves that Oracle was performing dangerous investments.

3. Though Oracle's receivables were raising, their allowances for dubious accounts were decreasing. Info shows in 1987 ADA was twelve. 2% of receivables, and in 1990, NYATA became simply 6. 1% or receivables even though receivables more than much more than from 1987. After checking out their receivables, it was found that the actual value intended for ADA was 14. 2% of the receivables in 1990.

4. In 1990, Oracle had a relatively low speedy ratio compared to the other companies who relatively substantial sales, or perhaps were by least just like Oracle (ie Microsoft, Computer Assoc., Lotus Development and so forth ). This is confusing because their sales/cash proportion was the top, and was one third above the next best ratio.


The challenge intended for the company should be to come up with a decision that will eventually promote eco friendly growth and increase shareholder wealth. In order to achieve this, the board need to determine the entire health from the company, the changes that supported the decrease of share prices, as well as the rate of such alterations.

The company's objectives are to solve its...