Omen: A Horror Film Essay

Individual: You are the Film Critic

September 30, 2013


Over a scale of one to five I would rate the film the omen (1976) four stars. That stuff seriously the film is an excellent scary film and is very true towards the horror genre. The film has all the makings of any classic film and has already established much success in the horror genre. The purpose of scary films should be to elicit unfavorable reactions from your films viewers. The film the Omen does merely this with its plot, editing, acting, and music.

The film was typical of a horror film and used the typical structure of this kind of movie. Film production company deals with designs that are of supernatural character and features deep faith based connotations. The film uses religion plus the concept of inherent evil so as to provoke adverse feelings through the audience. The supernatural film became popular inside the 1970's genre and this film followed go well with with the context of Reese being the antichrist.

The basis for the film The Omen (1976) begins together with the father a wealthy politician standing in a hospital awaiting the birthday of his kid. The child passes away and the clergyman offers him an opportunity to require a child who had been born simultaneously and continues to be orphaned. For many years the family lives gladly and well. During the sixth birthday party from the child, Reese, the childcare professional jumps from the roof of the families house and hangs herself yelling " It's all to suit your needs Damien”. Next her loss of life a new childcare professional appears and Damien's character changes. This individual begins operating different and begins to exhibit strange tendencies. During this time the priest talks to the dad and signals him to the fact that Damien is the antichrist and must be killed. The film goes on the show the father discovering a large number of facts that lead him to believe that what the clergyman is saying is valid. From the beginning towards the end from the film all the seemingly unrealistic and odd acts prove to be true and discovery...

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