OB Product I StudyGuide Essay

Obstetrics – Product 1 Analyze Guide

Components of preconception treatment пѓ activities that enhance healthy mothers and babies must be started before amount of critical embrionario organ development пѓ between 17 – 56 times after fertilization

Health Promo

Risk Factor Assessment


Nutrition пѓ healthy diet (+ folic acid), optimum excess weight

Exercise and rest

Avoid substance abuse пѓ tobacco, alcohol, " recreational” drugs Utilization of risk-reducing love-making practices

Attending to family and interpersonal needs

Health background пѓ immunities, family history, illnesses/infections, current usage of medications, screenings for malignancies Reproductive background пѓ contraceptive, obstetric, Sexually transmitted diseases

Psychosocial record пѓ friends and family situation, household violence, support systems, preparedness for pregnant state Financial resources

Environmental conditions пѓ safety risks, toxic chemicals, the radiation Anticipatory guidance/teaching

Treat medical conditions пѓ prescription drugs, cessation or пѓў in substance use/abuse, immunizations Nourishment, diet, and weight management


Genetic counseling

Family planning

Major desired goals of prenatal care пѓ should be resolved in first visit Specify health status of mother and unborn infant

Determine gestational age of unborn child and keep an eye on fetal creation Identify woman at risk to get complications and пѓў risk

Provide suitable education/preparation and psychosocial counseling Cost benefit for prenatal care = best at ↓ perinatal mortality and morbidity Menstruation пѓ periodic uterine bleeding that begins approximately 14 days AFTER ovulation Controlled by feedback system between endometrial, hypothalamic-pituitary, and ovarian periods Puberty sama dengan entire transition stage between childhood and sexual maturity Menarche = 1st menstruation

Initially monthly periods happen to be irregular, unstable, painless, and anovulatory (no ovum released) After ≥ 1 years пѓ hypothalamic-pituitary rhythm develops, and ovary produces satisfactory cyclic estrogen to make a older ovum пѓ periods be regular, supervised by progesterone Menstrual cycle пѓ average size = 28 days (but variations happen to be normal) Goal = prepares uterus intended for pregnancy пѓ no pregnant state = period 1st day of blood loss = working day 1 of the period (menses) Common duration of menstrual flow sama dengan 5 days (with a number of 3 – 6 days) пѓ normal blood loss can be 50В mLs

Menstrual blood clots within uterus пѓ clot usually liquefies before getting discharged Uterine discharge sama dengan mucus + epithelial skin cells + blood vessels

Endometrial routine пѓ 4 phases = menstrual, proliferative, secretory, ischemic phases Menstrual Phase

Proliferative Phase

Secretory Phase

Ischemic Phase

Day time 1 – 5

Shedding of efficient 2/3 of endometrium

By 5th working day to after ovulating (day 14)

Rapid growth and thickening

Estrogen пѓ produced in ovarian follicles during first ВЅ of cycle and causes endometrium to coagulate From after to 3 days and nights before following menstrual period (day 25) Huge amounts of progesterone are developed

Progesterone пѓ prepares endometrium for reception and development of fertilized ovum by пѓЎ blood supply and glycogen Day time 25 – 28

Corpus luteum regresses пѓ due to deficiency of fertilization and implantation Causes blockage to blood supply of endometrium

Necrosis and parting of functional layer of endometrium

Menstrual bleeding begins

Hypothalamic-pituitary cycle пѓ toward end of menstrual cycle, blood levels of estrogen and progesterone пѓў Stimulates hypothalamus to exude gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) GnRH пѓ stimulates anterior pituitary secretion of follicle-stimulating junk (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) пѓ both concentrate on ovaries FSH пѓ energizes development of ovarian graafian hair follicles пѓ works on ovary pertaining to ovulation LH пѓ delivers final ripening of graafian follicle and ovulation пѓ peaks regarding 13 – 14 days in cycle, and after that ovum is definitely released

Ovary produces ova, which then creates estrogen and progesterone No ...