National Drinking Age Essay

Jesse Meadows

ENG 111



The legal drinking age: Could it be effective?

The drinking age group in the United States have been 21 seeing that 1984, when President Ronald Reagan and Congress enacted a regulation stating thus. However , in recent years, many individuals have begun to question the effectiveness of the legal limit asking, is to get age for 21 genuinely protecting minors? Due to many loopholes in the current legislature, an ever-increasing range of young adults will be obtaining alcoholic beverages at early ages, ultimately causing increased fatalities in direct relation to liquor. Perhaps whenever we eliminated these holes inside our law, we may also save the lives of hundreds each year.

Alcohol, according to the creator, is the third leading source of death in America, and leading cause of unintended injuries, whilst also the top cause of fatality for young adults and young adults (Nelson, Wechsler). No father or mother should have to your heartache of losing a kid, especially to something since menial while getting also drunk by a party in which alcohol was easily accessible. Alcoholic beverages is said to be the direct source of or linked to over seventy five, 000 deaths annually. (Hyattsville) With so various deaths related to the consumption of alcohol, surely these kinds of statistics could be altered through abstinence care, or more simply providing people of all ages more insight into the hazards involved with alcohol. Most of the deaths directly related to alcohol have been in motor vehicle injuries, because of the number of individuals driving under the influence, mainly the those under 18, and those within their early twenties. An issue with the legal age group being 21 is that a lot of the drinking that goes on between those underage is done for parties, and the majority of the drinking is " binge drinking”. Many schools are not strict with their policies regarding alcoholic beverages on campus, leading to a large number of casualties with all the college-age subgroup. Wechsler suggested the idea that most likely with a reduced legal era, alcohol consumption could possibly be more governed...

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