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To: Mr. Faulstich

By: Tia Coley

Date: 5/6/13

Subject: " Prom entrepreneurs use social websites to push deals”

A) I chosen this reports worthy article because promenade is creating this weekend. Also, promoting is used to market prom, and is also explained in this article. Other sales strategies are being used to lure people in the ‘prom world'.

B) The primary idea of the article I chose is usually how promenade marketers are applying social networking sites as well as restaurant advertisements to hand out prom bargains. The article comes with prices around the usual expense of prom every student, which will Visa reported at about $1, 139. That has risen coming from last years cost, of more than 5%. Firms such as Gents warehouse are offering contests totally free tuxes, or over to $500 in legamo rentals! As well, local Chipotle's held a contest by which students was required to text the word ‘prom' to become entered into a contest to win a prom after party catering service for about 500 people!

C) This article reveals how much ‘prom time' affects high-school pupils and how hard marketers and promoters will work to get teen focus and chuck deals and free bee's at all of them left and right. This kind of highly affects our teenager society as a result of how high prom costs are becoming, tux rentals have become up, as well as dresses. Throwing in a legamo and other prepare, any scholar would be thrilled to have some support from internet marketers just planning to keep the custom going.

Prom marketers work with social media to enhance deals

Savvy marketers are jumping onto the promenade bandwagon by way of social media giveaways targeting Millennials.


(Photo: Men's Wearhouse)

Story Shows

• The typical family of a prom-goer will dedicate $1, 139 this year • Marketers are applying social media to market prom contests and offers • Come dressed in prom duds and dessert is definitely free in Olive Backyard Prom features...