Interwar Years 1 Composition

Causes of the

Second World War

The Interwar Years

A Brief Period of Prosperity

• Some countries, like the U. S., had been

strong throughout the post-WWI era

• Precisely what is this time period known as in U. H.


Problems in Indonesia

• The punishment of Germany

will go too far and cripples all their

post-war economic climate in 1923

• Hyperinflation occurs

• German money is worthless (when

the overall price level rises, every single

unit of currency purchases fewer merchandise

and services)

Worldwide Depression

•. Currency markets Crash of 1929

Buying share on margin

A crisis in finance that led the

Federal Arrange to raise

rates of interest

Panic placed in when inventory prices


•. The depression inside the U. S.

spread to the rest of the


Rise of Fascism & Dictatorships

Benito Mussolini


Country: Italia

Type of Authorities: Fascism (dictatorship)

Goals and Ideas:

• Centralized almost all power in himself as head

(total charge of social, economic, and

political life)

• Ambition to restore the fame of Ancient rome

and make a vast Italian language empire

• Invasion of Ethiopia

• Alliance with Hitler's Philippines

Il Duce

Joseph Stalin


Country: Soviet Union

Type of Authorities: Communism (dictatorship)

Goals and Ideas:

• Crushed oppositions and got control after Lenin's death • Organised absolute specialist; suppressed resistance

• Helped bring his nation to globe power position but made

upon that one of the most callous regimes of all time

• Fresh Economic Policies (NEP)

• Collectivization: exported seized merchandise and received

enough capital to financial a massive industrialization


• Rapid industrialization: three 5-year plans

• The Great Purges: KGB sama dengan secret authorities killed countless numbers

of army officers and prominent Bolsheviks who compared with


• Feared the growing benefits of Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler


Country: Germany

Type of Federal government: Nazism (dictatorship)

Goals and Ideas:

• Inflation and depression fragile the democratic

government in Germany and allowed a great

opportunity for Hitler to rise to power

• Believed the western forces had no intention of

using power to maintain the Treaty of Versailles

• Anti-Semitism: persecution of Jews

• Serious nationalism: National Socialism (aka


• Aggression: German born occupation of nearby


• Lebensraum: unite every German speaking nations

• Anschluss: German union with Austria

• Hatred of Communism

Hideki Tojo

Country: Japan

Sort of Government: Militarism

Goals and Ideas:

• Though Asia had an chief, the armed service

had used control of the us government

• Chief Hirohito could not stand up to the

powerful officers, but he was worshipped

by people, who have often fought in his


• Industrialization of Asia, lending to a

drive pertaining to raw materials – how do you receive

raw materials? IMPERIALISM

• Japan conducted aggressive imperialistic

policies in Asia: invasion of Korea,

Manchuria, and the associated with China (the

League of Nations did nothing)

Hideki Tojo, Military Innovator of Asia

Hirohito, Chief of Asia

New Complicite

Allied Power

• Great Britain

• Soviet Union

• United States

• France

Axis Powers

• Germany

• Italy

• Japan

Factors behind WWII

What was WWII?

Largest battle in history

Involved countries, groupe, and

territories around the whole


By the end, above 70 mission were


That lasted coming from 1939 until 1945

What were the primary causes?

• W – WWI as well as the Treaty of Versailles

• A – Appeasement

• R – Rise of Totalitarianism

Just how did the Treaty of Versailles

trigger WWII?

• Germany dropped land to

surrounding international locations

• Conflict reparations

Allies collect bucks to pay back warfare

debts to US

Germany pays $57 trillion (modern

day equivalent)

• Desperate people consider

desperate frontrunners

How do Appeasement Cause WWII?

• Giving somebody something to create them content and leave

you only

• Hitler demanded property that had not been Germany's and others just...