Essay about Influence of brand name Name on Consumer Decision

n the present developing and modern day globe, consumerism has dominated every aspect of lifestyle. The life in the society employs the routine of the capitalist culture in which the human values have another type of measure, ‘you are noted by what you may have not in what you are'.

This the natural way leads to lifespan in a society where everyone wants to have a unique place in the society, simply by possessing the items which sets them apart from the associated with people inside the society.

In present culture and living way, the Brands not simply represent the symbol from the company or perhaps product but for a larger magnitude define the general life of the person. What the person uses can reflect his taste of life, his status in the culture, his economical background and a great many other things. This makes a deep connection between the company and its brand, with all the consumer. Through this two approach relation both are dependent on each other for numerous different factors.

In today's time customers are very deeply connected to the brands. When they purchase any product just like a car, cellular, items of daily need, brand name influence the consumer's decision.

Some customers purchase the certain branded things just as a result of brand name. Buyers believe that name brand is a symbol of quality.

I found this kind of interesting and wanted to identify whether manufacturer influences the customer choice after they go for purchasing any merchandise. I chose to for the particular product since

this is one of the products which in turn got my personal attention as a result of many reasons.

In the beginning the car production was centered by few companies and one or two countries. With the time, the market started to grow and when considered to be high-class commodity, automobiles became a need

rather than a choice. This improved the demand and with that a lot more companies came into the area to have all their share of profit and exploit the growing market. This manufactured the companies to put more efforts and cash to creating company awareness of their product.

Together with the...