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Intenso, Joie Faith S.

Palad, Rizalynne L.

August 22, 2014


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E-business is not fully adopted by the generation today because it is still in the penetration phase. In order to fully penetrate to the society, e-business strategies are implemented by companies. The different strategies just like product bundling, price lining and advertising strategies need to be the three most significant strategies to be regarded as in attaining profit. The disadvantages brought by e-business could possibly be eventually given either short-run or long-term solutions. E-business must be given focus because the advantage brought by elektronische geschaftsabwicklung overpowers it is threats. В Plus, e-business gives different gains to the economic system of the Korea. Keywords: E-business, product bundling, internet, shipping and delivery, e-business strategies, price lining, smart charges, promotion strategies


According to U, n. m. of the College or university of Asia and the Pacific, the Philippine economy can be shifting from an gardening based into an commercial based overall economy where telecoms, financial services and transport of goods is the new main source of income due to existence of e-business.        In the Israel, e-commerce isn't that supported but in the year 2k a rules entitled Republic Act Number 8792 in the Philippines Digital Commerce Work of 2150 was made intended for e-business. This law gives e-commerce deals legalization and criminalizing online hackers. (Pasaddilla & Lacson, 2006).  During past President Joseph Estrada's rule, it was believed that in the year 1998 ecommerce will increase from US$50. 4Billion it absolutely was expected to increase in the year 2003 to US$3. 2 trillion. (Connally, 1999). E-business or e-commerce relating to Wen, Chen & Hwang, is definitely the exchange of products or data by buying and selling that through a channel that is the named Internet. Elektronische geschaftsabwicklung is very dependent on the internet because it is where communication mainly takes place also, the merchandise that are being sold happen to be posted on the internet pages. You will discover different outlets online which can be accessed through different sites like Amazon . com and E-bay. Orders happen to be being positioned online and then information is also being succumbed order to know the shipping vacation spot of the item that is bought. Sites just like e-bay and amazon whom are well regarded in selling numerous products for the customers worldwide enable the e-business market to broaden. As the industry extends, there is competition present therefore , different e-business strategies will be being applied. Although e-business provides a big opportunity in boosting our economy of the Israel, it is not very much optional since it still has a lot of hazards because it is nonetheless on the development phase. However , Wen, Chen & Hwang, 2001) declared that e-commerce or perhaps e-business has ceased to be an alternative it can be already a great imperative which means it is will no longer an option but it is already established as one aspect.    The threat of elektronische geschaftsabwicklung to individuals with regards to the privacy of the customers, Peace, Weber, Hartzel & Nightingale (2002) privacy is defined as " the claim of individuals, groups or institutions to determine for themselves when ever, how and also to what extent information about these people is conveyed to others. ”  In just about every e-business deal, it is necessary for the customers to offer out personal data like purchaser name, talk about, age, job and other details that would be used in delivering goods. Unlawful purchase of personal and confidential data is speedily increasing as a result of continuous showing of information inside e-business deals. It also puts the personal data...

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