Peeling The Onion Synthetic Essay

CriticalВ AnalysisВ of ‘PeelingВ theВ Onion'В

PeopleВ changeВ dueВ toВ emotionalВ causes, В physicalВ causesВ andВ mentalВ causes. В SomeВ mayВ haveВ beenВ inВ anВ accidentВ whileВ othersВ mayВ haveВ lostВ aВ valuedВ familyВ member. В In ‘PeelingВ theВ Onion'В byВ WendyВ Orr, В theВ charactersВ changeВ andВ progressВ andВ theВ storyВ bringsВ usВ furtherВ andВ deeperВ intoВ Anna, В theВ protagonist'sВ world. В AnnaВ suffersВ fromВ aВ nearВ­fatalВ carВ accident, В thenВ breaksВ upВ withВ herВ boyfriendВ andВ fallsВ behindВ inВ herВ studies. В WhenВ sheВ feelsВ likeВ sheВ isВ readyВ toВ drownВ inВ theВ painВ andВ theВ suffering, В sheВ slowlyВ startsВ toВ climbВ backВ up, В findingВ aВ newВ boyfriendВ whoВ helpsВ herВ lookВ atВ theВ worldВ fromВ aВ differentВ pointВ ofВ view. В TheВ novelВ isВ writtenВ inВ firstВ personВ andВ theВ useВ ofВ characterisationВ helpsВ toВ bringВ theВ storyВ toВ life. В В

Anna,  the protagonist,  suffers the most change emotionally due to a near fatal accident and has to adjust to a new life.  Hayden was an enthusiastic boyfriend before her accident,  even kissing her and holding her in his arms. (The kiss is long and fantastic and I don't think we can say we're just friends anymore­pg 1).  However,  after she has an accident,  she find Hayden becoming more and more distant­​

'becauseВ you'reВ ashamedВ toВ beВ seenВ withВ aВ freak! ' ‘No! В BecauseВ­look, В iВ don'tВ needВ this! В forgetВ it, В wouldВ you? '(pg. В 86)​ В­В sheВ fretsВ overВ itВ andВ asksВ forВ

advice from Jenny,  her best friend but she just says that he is scared of hurting Anna.  However Anna isn't reassured and goes out of her way to try and get closer to Hayden.  Eventually,  Hayden lets it all out and complains that Anna wants everything to be perfect but doesn't do anything for herself.  ​

YouВ knowВ yourВ problem, В Anna? В YouВ wantВ everythingВ toВ beВ best. В WeВ couldВ haveВ andВ somethingВ goodВ ifВ you'dВ justВ givenВ itВ aВ try! (pg. В 141) ​ AfterВ that, В

HaydenВ dumpsВ herВ andВ leavesВ herВ crying. В SheВ doesВ notВ acceptВ it, В butВ thereВ isВ nothingВ sheВ canВ doВ aboutВ itВ either. В