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On a peaceful lazy Saturday afternoon, he got from the bus, went down a quite side of the road to a small cottage with peeling color and faded curtains. Abruptly a tone of voice behind him asked " Are you looking for somebody…”, he turned around only to find away a green eyed lady with long frizzy hair till her waist; in a very floral leading and short pleated dress that finished a few ins above her knee. He just retained staring at her for a few mere seconds and shortly was shed in his personal thoughts. The lady kept on requesting him nevertheless he hardly ever replied. Little by little she strolled towards him and whispered in his ears " Are you looking for somebody” and then finally this individual replied ‘No' and managed to move on. She wandered towards him and asked what are you doing from this old, soiled cottage with spider chain all round the spot? He was in no mood to answer her. Nevertheless the blue eyed girl did not give up. She again got into contact with him. Now he burst into cry. She didn't know how to react or what direction to go next. He just couldn't stop himself from moaping. Somehow the girl managed to prevent him from crying and tried requesting him the reason behind his cry. He switched red and told her ‘Get Out. Merely leave the cottage and leave me alone. I want some time only. ' Your woman felt dreadful and inflammed. She thought she was just aiming to be good to him but he was rude and arrogant. The girl decided to keep. While your woman was going out of she strike herself within the cupboard and fell down. He noticed her sit on the floor but ignored pondering she was pretending but after a short while, he ran towards her and selected her in his forearms and took her in his old and messy place which was protected with dust and cobwebs. He then apologised for his rude behavior to her. Nevertheless she is at no mood to reduce him and told him to keep. He got up and walked aside. After all having been just a new person to whom your woman was trying to be great to. В

While getting up from the understructure, she discovered an old, messy book with few internet pages torn hand and hand; pages switched yellow and were hardly readable. She picks it up and leaves the bungalow. When your woman reached home she made a decision to read the book she seen in the new. В

While she opened up the publication she browse that the time was two decade ago. Turning to the page, she read about a boy name Sagar who was fat, ugly, used big fat specks, had no female friends, and barely had any friends. In other words, he was a nerd who was always entertained with ebooks and his job. He had simply no social lifestyle as such. This individual went to St Xavier's College or university which was found in Dehradun- the foothills in the Himalayas. Each day when he handed by the biochemistry lab, his eyes utilized to search for a woman. All he knew regarding the girl was her name and nothing else. In respect to Sagar, Shilpa was short and good looking woman, who had a quite an oblong face with sharp aimed features, who used to spice up in slits that went up to her armpits. Just about every boy wanted to be her boyfriend while she was so-so-so gorgeous. She acquired couple of men in the past and was reputed for her tantrums. He as well was like some other ordinary person who wanted her as his girlfriend but by no means had the guts to procedure her and talk to her. Yet, having a glance at her made his day. Sadly, she hardly ever noticed him throughout those two years of college or university. She did not even understand whether this individual existed or not. Your woman only knew the socalled good looking and muscular hunks. Every other day she'd be seen with a brand new guy. This kind of made him even more jealous. But he never gave up on her. This individual hoped that one day your woman might arrive to know how much he enjoys her and wanted her in his lifestyle. В

Finally the most awaited day of his existence had came. For the first time during these two years of his school life, Shilpa and Sagar came across one another and this individual just smiled at her but the lady didn't smile back. The girl just walked away. But this don't make him sad instead he was completely happy that the lady at least noticed him. He just couldn't prevent smiling. His friends got never viewed him like this before. That they thought this individual...