Compare many ways in which Blake and Larkin present the theme of problem in their poetry. Essay

Evaluate the ways through which Blake and Larkin present the concept of the corruption in their poems. William Blake and Phillip Larkin are very diverse poets; they have different methods to convey all their ideas although both skilfully are able to establish a connection with the audience through these kinds of different means. The two poets, despite becoming separated over time successfully communicate even to a modern day audience the concept of the corruption in their poems, focusing on Blake's " London” and " The Chimney Sweep” and Larkins' " Sunlit Prestatyn” and " Mr. Bleaney. ” Larkin works on the persona since narrator with the poem " Mr. Bleaney” to expose the theme of alienation by a corrupt, uncaring society. The narrator turns into the resident of a area previously hired by Mr. Bleaney and the dramatic monologue highlights the lonely lifestyle of the guy who under no circumstances speaks and whom we only see through the method of his abandoned place. Larkin uses slow, ponderous lines at the beginning to express a sinister undertone. Mr. Bleaney is only ever shown like a metaphor within the past. His life is presented while trivial, worthless and irrelevant as proven in movement such as " his preference for sauce too gravy. ” The bedroom is unappealing, the draperies " slim and frayed”, the room provides " zero hook at the rear of the door”, " not any room pertaining to books. ” This implies emptiness and it is a powerful image for the reader, eliciting sympathy and regret at the perceived struggling of the man whose area appears to took on his own attributes. There is a further more sinister, tainted element presented in the words and phrases, " that they moved him” coupled with a reference to " bodies” that could be taken because the harmless colloquial term in the 1950s pertaining to car manufacture, but as well suggests fatality. " They” represents culture as a whole and Bleaney is usually presented like a victim. The room's chilly dinginess can be summed up by the image of the " fusty bed” and the target audience is left with the impression of distance, isolation and lack of control as the poet uses language to create a miserable impression of his life. Even the man's identity is properly selected to include in the bleakness and the lack of strong syllables suggests boredom and boredom. Almost every word chosen by Larkin sets a chill, pessimistic strengthen and challenges us to consider the worth of the own lives. The lexical choice of " rented box” suggests the room he previously and the coffin which ends the life of everybody corrupted by an uncaring society. The message that society will continue to corrupt is made clear in the narrator's terse " I'll take it” the moment accepting the bedroom. Furthermore, you have the idea that the persona is only joining the cycle of corruption inside the words, " stub my fags on a single saucer” and " My spouse and i lay in which Mr. Bleaney lay. ” Larkin uses rhyme to suggest the mood in the poem too. The ABAB scheme with iambic pentameter makes the audience feel claustrophobic as the rigid style suggests the rigidity of Mr. Bleaney's life. Additionally , the constant uses of enjambement is used to exhibit how lifestyle flows earlier us, just as, " So it happens which i lie

Exactly where Mr Bleaney lay, and stub my fags

On the same saucer-souvenir, and try. ”

Larkin's usage of colloquial dialect such as " egged” and " jabbering” makes the poem informal and conversational, showing the bigger photo of the complete mundane everyday activities and adds such lexical choice adds to the fluidity in the poem. Blake also utilizes a persona to introduce and develop the theme of file corruption error in his poem, " The Chimney Sweeper” where the problem caused by the exploitation of chimney sweeps is offered through the eyes of a youthful, naïve sweep. The reader is definitely immediately made to feel sympathy for the boy at the start of the poem as his mother is dead fantastic father offered him. " When my personal mother passed away I was incredibly young,

And my father sold me while yet my tongue,

May scarcely cry weep weep weep.

Which means your chimneys My spouse and i sweep in addition to soot We sleep. ”

Blake uses the metonymy of a tongue crying so that the reader considers of terms as well as cry...