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V-Guard Industries Ltd. generates better efficiency with IBM and SAP Founded in 1977 as a small manufacturing unit, V-Guard Industries Limited. (V-Guard) has grown to become one of the largest power appliance companies in India. The company reported revenues of more than $126 , 000, 000 for the 2010 to 2011 monetary year, and a 43 percent embrace net product sales during the same period. V-Guard manufactures electric powered products, which include voltage stabilizers, wiring cables, pumps, motor, solar hot water heaters and electric powered fans. The corporation employs much more than 1, seven-hundred people, works some two hundred distribution and service centers, and companions with around 9, 500 retailers to provide its products into a client base of approximately 50 million people. Knowing that the existing information management devices were not sophisticated enough to handle the changing needs in the business, V-Guard sought a strong solution that could promote increased information and process control, and provide Robin Joy, CIO and General Manager of V-Guard Companies Ltd, points out, " The existing THAT systems was developed under one building and had recognized us well in the past, yet gaps started to emerge while the business expanded. We counted on a a few different applications pertaining to inventory management, production, product costing and financial accounting, and the not enough integration between these systems was really beginning to impact functional visibility and efficiency as we continued to grow. ” generated by simply its businesses on elements, production, revenue and financing threaten to overwhelm the corporation.


Problem V-Guard Industrial sectors Ltd wanted to find a way to higher manage the information explosion associated with rapid business growth, improve operational awareness and improve quality requirements. Solution V-Guard embarked on an important business transformation project and deployed SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS ERP and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence solutions, with assistance from IBM Global Business Services. Key rewards Integrated SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS solutions support V-Guard to generate month-end closing figures per cent more rapidly, reduce staffing requires for the same simply by 85 percent and develop quarterly reviews 58 percent faster than before.

Major business transformation

V-Guard is growing organically and by purchase within India, and is trying to expand internationally. As business booms, the sheer volume of information Example

a stable foundation for extended enterprise development.

Selecting IBM Global Business Services

Following considering a number of options, Organization Challenge V-Guard is growing organically and by purchase within India, and is planning to expand internationally. The large volume of data that the operations create on materials, production, revenue and fund threatened to overwhelm the organization. Add to the combine the need for item traceability and higher quality standards, and incorporate it with pressure to report upon product priced at, financial functionality and credit management: the consequence was that V-Guard necessary to find a way to allow growth – currently in around 40 percent every year – with no creating a great unsustainable supervision workload. Along with offering SAP setup management, IBM Global Business Services also offered SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS software permit reselling solutions. V-Guard surely could negotiate a competitive selling price for the combination of SAP software licenses, implementation and infrastructure elements as a one, known project cost. " We evaluated a number of businesses as potential partners and ultimately made a decision to work with IBM® Global Business Services®, ” remarks Robin Joy. " As a great SAP implementer, IBM's credentials are well known and established by the countless volume of SAP implementations that they have successfully completed. ” the company selected integrated SAP® ERP software program as its proper business management solution then looked for the partner to handle the implementation.

" All of us evaluated a number of companies because...