Bamboo and Assam Composition


Assam - " The Land of Red Waterways and Green Hills"


Stretched out like a soaring bird, Assam is made up of three key geographical areas: the Brahmaputra Valley, the Barak pit and the North Cachar Slopes. Assam features unspoiled pure beauty, teeming wildlife, beautiful tea gardens and warm fabulous people. This shares region with Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and West Bengal. Assam also stocks international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. The state comes with an impressive 35% forest cover and 1000s of hectares below tea fostering. Assam features five nationwide parks such as the World Heritage Sites of Kazirnaga and Manas, and 20 Creatures sanctuaries. The fantastic Indian one-horned rhinoceros is one of Assam's most famous denizens. BRAHMAPUTRA

Moving majestically over the Assam Valley is the great Brahmaputra. The Brahmaputra originates from Chemayung-Dung glacier near Attach Kailash as well as the Manas Sarovar. It is regarded here while the Tsang-Po or the cleaner. In Assam, the Brahmaputra is a huge, placid water through almost all of the year which has a river understructure which is twelve kms wide in certain areas. At Saraighat, in Guwahati, the riv is at the narrowest, scarcely a kilometre wide. It had been here which the historical battle of Saraighat was battled in 1671 between the Ahoms and the Mughals. Nearly 3 centures later in 1962, the initially rail-cum-road connection over the Brahmaputra was opened up to targeted traffic. Brahmaputra's extraordinary characteristic is definitely its many islands such as the world's greatest populated riv island, Majuli. HISTORY

The first full who ruled over Kamrupa was Pushya Varman (350-380 AD). Mahendra Varman, a descendent of Pushya Varman, was the 1st king of Kamrupa who waged an effective war resistant to the Gupta army. The regulation of the Varman dynasty prospered in the secret of Bhaskar Varman (594-650 AD), because it is with the guideline of Bhaskar Varman, a new epoch of Assam history exposed. The dynasty of the Varman kings concluded with Bhaskar Varman (650 AD).

The Salasthambha empire was the following in the collection which started with the reign of a chieftain called Salastambha. Among all the kings with the Salastambha dynasty, it was Shri Harshadeva (725-750 AD) who also acquitted himself as a very good king. Following the invasion with the Mughals in the 15th century many Muslims settled from this State and is said to be the first Muslim settlers of the region. In 1919-20 such as the rest of the country Assam also plunged into the non-cooperation movement launched simply by Gandhiji. The year 1912 is a memorable 12 months is the annals of Assam history because of two things, that were: (1) Gandhiji's visit to Assam, (2) Strikes by Assam Bengal train service. Assam joined all of those other country in the Civil Disobedience movement of 1930 introduced by Gandhiji. The 1st Governor of Independent Assam was Sir Akbar Haidari and Main Minister was Gopinath Bordoloi. TRIBAL DANCES & FESTS

Each tribal groups possesses its own stock of people dances that are attractive as much for the flowing movements as for the colouful costumes and the earthy quality of the accompanying music. The tribes of assam perform various dances unsociable seasons and festivals such as the Bodo party, Mishing party, Dance of Tiwa, Karbi dance, Dimasa dance, etc . FOOD

Meals in Assam is essentially rice-based and it provides cooked seafood and various meats dishes. Simpleness is the specialty of the Assamese dishes and varieties of ingredients. Assamese food are less hot and spicy than some other Indian food, but carry richness of taste and health. Assamese are by and large nonvegetarian. FESTIVITY

Assam is actually a land of fairs and festivals. A lot of the festivals famous in Assam have their roots in the varied faith and belief of her occupants. The major celebrations celebrated in Assam are Bihu, Baishagu, Ali-AiLigang, Baikho, Rongker, Rajini Gabra, Harni Gabra, Bohaggiyo Bishu, Ambubashi Mela and Jonbill Mela and...