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About Traffic Jam Essay

Traffic-jam is a long-line of cars that that or cannot shift may only proceed quite gradually since there is so much traffic on the road. There are way too many houses in Jakarta so there is no bushes and open field left Every route in Jakarta is aspal so water can't go anywhere, even though the water visits the gottery they'll certainly be blocked with trash the federal government generally attempt to solve this issue but flooding will come again once the rainfall season comes.

For traffic-jam we can not finish our task publish moment so our industry and commerce damaged. But traffic jam's many destructive impression is the fact that ambulances transporting sufferers that are crucial can't achieve clinics and the hospitals appropriate. Motorists are not conscious of driving's rules and many more aren't willing to follow traffic policies.

You can find way too many complexes in Jakarta thus there's no bushes and open field quit Every path in Jakarta is aspal thus water cannot go anywhere, even if the water visits the gottery they will be plugged with trash the us government often try to resolve this issue but ton will come again if the rain year comes.

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